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A new publication on E-health and smoking cessation

A new systematic review has been published with the tittle “Which eHealth interventions are most effective for smoking cessation? A systematic review”. The article by Huyen Phuc Do et al. appears on www. Preference and Adherence on Oct 9th, 2018. The study synthesizes evidence of the effects and potential effect modifiers of different electronic health (eHealth) interventions to help people quit smoking.

National Guideline for COPD management - Updated on July 2018

On 19th of July, 2018, Ministry of Health approved the latest version of the National Guideline for COPD management..

The World Health Statistics series is WHO’s annual compilation of health statistics for its 194 Member States. The series is produced by the WHO Department of Information, Evidence and Research, of the Health Metrics and Measurement Cluster, in collaboration with all relevant WHO technical departments.

World health statistics 2018 focuses on the health and health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and associated targets by bringing together data on a wide range of health-related SDG indicators. It also links to the three SDG-aligned strategic priorities of the WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work, 2019¬2023

Training materials for VCAPS1 (Part 1)

GATS 2015 results

Key data of GATS 2015 in Vietnam

PACK strategy

This is a few key materials on PACK strategy. VCAPS team is assessing the feasibility of applying PACK into the 2nd phase. 

4 materials are included as below:

Program infographic

PACK guideline sample

PACK Global Adult (ver 2017)

- Manual for PACK localization

Interesting articles on smoking cessation

Thomas D, Abramson MJ, Bonevski B, George JSystem change interventions for smoking cessation

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2017 Feb 10;2

Dao Thi Minh An, Naseeb Kibria, Nguyen Van Huy, Phan Thi Hai & Frances Stillman. Establishing smoke-free hospitals in Vietnam: A pilot projectAn International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice. Volume 10, 2015 - Issue sup1: Health system research in Vietnam: Generating policy-relevant knowledge

VINACOSH - Establishment of smoke-free hospitals - A practical guide and toolkit

This manual aimed to provide specific and practical steps for the establishment of smoke-free hospitals in Viet Nam in order to improve people's health by reducing exposure to tobacco in all its forms

Training materials for health care workers on counseling and supporting smoking cessation

This is a training program designed for health care workers providing knowledge on smoking situation, counseling methods and treatment program for smoking cessation. 

Policy documents on smoking control

VINACOSH developed this book with combination of various policies on smoking control in Vietnam, which included the ratification of the Plan for the Implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the law on Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harm, the National Strategy on smoking harm prevention to 2020, and other guiding decrees.

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