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VCAPS 4 to kick off in Thanh Hoa in July 2020

VCAPS 4 which is a 2x2 randomized clinical trial to evaluate a COPD/asthma management and smoking cessation is finalizing preparation work to official start in July 2020. Thanh Hoa is chosen to be the first province out of 4 research sites to commence the study recruitment and patient follow up.

Accordingly, a series of trainings for healthcare workers in Thanh Hoa on study design and procedures will be organized at the beginning of July followed by a week long run in at all sites.

An Giang will soon follow Thanh Hoa's step and start in August this year.

After a slight delay due to COVID-19, we are glad to announce the ignition of VCAPS 4 study and keep you updated will study progress in future posts.

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