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Annual Scientific Meeting run within 2019 GACD Annual Scientific Meeting

The 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) was held in Bangkok, Thailand and was hosted by the Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI). The ASM ran from 11-15 November and included the Implementation Science Workshop on the first 2 days of the week.

About 70 participants, including donors, researchers and implementers gathered, network and share experiences on research studies on hypertension, diabetes, mental health and lung health.

Associate Professor Greg Fox, the Principle Investigator and Ms Yen Pham, the Study Manager joined in this meeting, and presented the progress of our study in this meeting. This is also a chance to meet and share experiences with other researchers working in the area of COPD/asthma treatment and smoking cessation. In these meetings, VCAPS team members also participated in lung health working group and discussed about the opportunities to apply for upcoming grants.

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