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Internal training on VCAPS 4

From August 28th to August 31st, 2019, at Hanoi Office, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research organized an internal training on VCAPS 4 study. This is an effort to prepare for the study implementation which is supposed to kick off later this year.

The audience consists of 13 researchers who will directly involved in VCAPS based at 4 different provinces.

The training highlighted VCAPS 4 study design, recruitment and follow up procedures, efforts to prevent controlled trial contamination. Standards procedures which are developed for VCAPS 4 study implementation are also presented within the 3 and a half day training agenda.

During the training, participants learned and practiced spirometry technique, role play for phone call interviews, and practice data entry to get familiar with the REDCap system. During discussions and role play, VCAPS team members can fully understand the procedures to apply in reality.

In this training, we also reviewed lessons learnt from VCAPS 3 - the pilot study. By sharing what we learned from VCAPS 3, all members discussed about solutions to avoid mistakes during data collection and data entry.

This is the first attempt in a series of training courses organized to support the clinical controlled trials of VCAPS 4 which a 2x2 factorial randomization of COPD and asthma management as well as smoking cessation. Other preparation work is in the completion phase before we start run-in process of the study.

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