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VCAPS 3 make progress in recruitment and follow up after 4 months of implementation

VCAPS 3 started it recruitment in late March 2019 in three District Hospital in Hanoi. To July 29th, the study has complete recruitment of patients in chronic respiratory disease (CRD) intervention. Accordingly, 314 patients with CRD have successfully recruited and endorsed treatment within the framework of this pilot public health intervention.

The recruitment process completely ceases on July 2nd and VCAPS 3 intervention on CRD has focused solely on follow up procedure since then. These CRD participants are now progressing in routine follow up at 4 weeks and 3 months. 77.7% of patients has made their journey back to the health facility for 4 week assessment while 94.3% of them completed their phone call follow up at 4 week point.

Regarding smoking cessation intervention of VCAPS 3, there have been 43 smokers joining VCAPS Quitline, 4 among them are health care workers. Since the smoking cessation intervention kicked off late in mid May 2019, the progress is slower.

The study team is now planning for a qualitative study on VCAPS 3 to generate more insights and lessons learnt for VCAPS 4 design and implementation.

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