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VCAPS 1 heads towards the end point of follow up

The study that aims at characterizing respiratory symptoms and smoking behaviors at four levels of the Vietnamese health care system also known as VCAPS has come up with 1404 participants at baseline carried out at 58 sites. The final follow-up of VCAPS 1 participants after 12 months is supposed to be finished around Oct 15, 2019. So far, the study team has attempted to track VCAPS 1 participants at 3 months, 6 months and 9 months with successful contacts of 1305, 1275 and 1219 participants respectively.

Overall, the response rate 82.26% among all participants and by July 21, 1038 research subjects have completed their 12 month calls. More than a hundred others will be continuously contact by the study team in the coming weeks.

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