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VCAPS 3 to speed up smoking cessation intervention at sites

Within VCAPS 3 study, the three sites have contributed to smoking cessation intervention implementation as a part of the pilot model of COPD and asthma management and support quitting smoke by:

  • Enhance smoke free policy at all three sites

  • Promote brief intervention with patients who smokes using 5A models

  • Support smoking cessation within patients and healthcare workers with VCAPS call center service

Accordingly, VCAPS has proposed several activities that district hospitals would consider promoting current smoke free policy at sites. Additionally, the VCAPS team with technical support from Bach Mai has conducted 5 smoking cessation workshops at sites with the participation of nearly 200 healthcare workers in which the 5A model in brief counselling and VCAPS call center 18006276 has been introduced.

This is the high time for VCAPS to step up in recruiting participants for VCAPS 3 free smoking cessation support using calls and text messages.

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