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Nghẹt Thở Challenge on No Tobacco Day 2019

On No Tobacco Day 2019, act on WHO Vietnam initiative to take the Nghẹt Thở Challenge on Facebook!

(1) Post a photo or video of things, people, places, etc, that take your breath away.

(2) Use below texts in the caption:

(e.g. A beautiful sunset) takes my breath away. Let precious moments and beautiful things take your breath away. NEVER TOBACCO.

Join us in spreading the word! Post a photo or video of things that take your breath away, then tag three of your friends to do the same. #NghetThoChallenge #WorldNoTobaccoDay #WNTD2019 #NoTobacco #HealthyVietNam #SứcKhỏeViệtNam

(3) Tag three of your friends and invite them to take the #NghẹtThởChallenge.

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