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VCAPS 4 Intervention workshop in Hanoi

On May 6th, 2019, at Lakeside Hotel, Hanoi, VCAPS organized a workshop on VCAPS 4 intervention. VCAPS 4, the main study in VCAPS is a cluster randomized trial to assess an integrated public health strategy to combat COPD and asthma in Vietnam. This study will be rolled out in 4 provinces and cities including Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Ca Mau, An Giang throughout the country later this June.

Participants of the workshop include most Australian and Vietnamese investigators of the study. CI Ngo Quy Chau from Bach Mai hospital, CI Nguyen Viet Nhung from National Lung Hospital, along with PI Greg Fox, CI Joel Negin and CI Stephen Jan have led the discussion. Representatives from An Giang Department of Health, Thanh Hoa Lung Hospital, and VINACOSH also shared their ideas about VCAPS 4 design, the feasibility and potential barriers. Provinces committed to participate in the program, and confirmed that leadership took an important role in the success of VCAPS.

In the program, besides results of VCAPS 3 presented by Dr Erick Huang, Dr Giang also presented briefly her recommendations for health system interventions for COPD/asthma program. Based on these background, Associate Professor Greg Fox presented VCAPS 4 protocol and led discussion on this part. Prof. Stephen Jan also suggested an approach to conduct a study on cost-effectiveness of the interventions.

The workshop was successfully organized, and the next meeting is planned to be next year to present the results of VCAPS 4.

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