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Patients start getting treatment from VCAPS 3

After the training courses for health care workers and run-in process conducted in March, all three district hospitals including Me Linh, Thach That, and Thuong Tin general hospital in VCAPS 3 study has started their official recruitment in April, 2019.

The targeted sample for each site of about 100 patients who are eligible for chronic lung disease intervention will be picked up to join a comprehensive public health program in which they will be subsidized with medication and followed up for 12 months. Healthcare workers who take part in this implementation process are mostly doctors and nurses from outpatient and emergency department at each site. Meanwhile, this VCAPS 3 intervention highlights the role of on- site pharmacist in monitoring inhaler use of participants. By April 19th, 2019, 106 out of 189 screened patients receive their treatment at three site combined.

Regarding smoking cessation intervention which is an essential part of VCAPS 3 design, all the sites are working in preparation phase to be able to refer the first patient to VCAPS 3 Call center. More workshops on smoke free policy and brief intervention for smoking cessation are supposed to be organized at all three sites in May, 2019 during this preparation process.

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