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VCAPS 3 Workshop on interventions at district hospitals

On 18th April, 2019, VCAPS in collaboration with hospital leaders organized workshop on VCAPS 3 interventions at Me Linh General Hospital. It is expected that this activity will be implemented at all three research sites as a part of the site preparation which aims to kick-off the smoking cessation component of the study:

  1. Provide site staff with overview of VCAPS 3 interventions and implementation process.

  2. Introduce VCAPS 3 smoking cessation intervention including 3 components of enhancing smoke free policy, brief counselling using 5A model and call center support.

At Me Linh General Hospital, 50 healthcare workers from different departments ranging from Outpatient, Emergency and Internal Medicine department attended the 1- hour workshop. It is strikingly highlighted that Assoc.Prof Vu Van Giap - Vice Director of Respiratory Center, Bach Mai Hospital, Dr Pham Huu Thuong - Director of Hanoi Lung Hospital also presented and delivered their remarks at the workshop chaired by Me Linh Hospital Director - Dr Do Viet Tuyen. Within the framework of the workshop, Dr Giap emphasized the importance of a respiratory management unit at local hospitals and also the advantages that VCAPS might bring in.

Furthermore, Dr Giap indicated the role and the opportunity of healthcare workers in providing smoking cessation support or brief counselling to patients at district level.

It is assumed that these workshop is an important milestone in implementing VCAPS 3 intervention at the selected district sites. Other workshops in Thach That and Thuong Tin will be organized in coming time.

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