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Training on VCAPS 3 for healthcare workers

On March 14 and 15,2019, at Hanoi Lung Hospital, VCAPS organizes a training on VCAPS 3 implementation for healthcare workers at three selected sites. The audience consists of more than 20 speakers and participants from Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi Lung Hospital, Thach That, Me Linh and Thuong Tin Hospital, and VCAPS team.

Dr Pham Huu Thuong, Director of Hanoi Lung Hospital also presents at the training and gives opening remarks.

It is expected that after the training, participants will understand the aim, methodology and designed interventions of VCAPS 3. Also, this is an opportunity to discuss study implementation including recruitment and data collection. Doctors and nurses at the same time learn about study diagnosis, treatment algorism as well as test performance including FeNO testing and spirometry which will be vital in study implementation at sites.

It is scheduled that VCAPS 3 will start recruiting participants at the end of March and early April doing the run-in enumeration.

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