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Capacity building on Addiction and Smoking cessation

On three days from March 17 to 20, 2019, at Woolcock Office in Hanoi, VCAPS organizes a capacity building activity focusing on addiction and smoking cessation. The intensive training aims at enhancing VCAPS staff capacity in smoking cessation in preparation for pilot intervention within the framework of VCAPS 3.

Assoc. Prof Renee Bittun from Sydney, Australia conducts the training with the participation of 12 staff from VCAPS, Bach Mai and Smoking cessation quitline. The capacity building training also attracts VINACOSH interest and they also send staff the attend this important event.

Some of the topics discussed at the training including neuro science of smoking dependence, strategies to behavioral changes and effective counselling to smokers who intend to quit. The audience also contributes to the review of VCAPS 3 call scenario and scripts.

The intensive training contributes greatly to enhancing staff understanding and capacity to work on smoking dependence and counselling with smokers in quitting with support from call center service.

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