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Update VCAPS by end of 2018

As the year coming to its end, VCAPS has reached several significant milestones of its research implementation.

VCAPS 1 which is a study to characterize respiratory symptoms and smoking behaviors at four levels of the Vietnamese health care system has come to its final stage of 6 month and on the move to 9 month follow up point. Accordingly, 932 participants (84%) who are due at 6 months are contacted and 570 (76%) of them complete their 9 month follow up phone call.

Meanwhile, VCAPS 2 which consists of a qualitative evaluation of chronic lung disease management and tobacco control within the heatlh system has finished the data collection in all 4 selected provinces and cities with 3343 questionnaires administrated and 42 in-depth interviews collected at 56 healthcare facilities in 4 selected provinces and cities.

VCAPS 3 which is a pilot of integrated public health intervention to combat COPD, asthma and support smoking cessation is now at the final stage of preparation. VCAPS 3 has been approved by both Bach Mai and Sydney University institutional ethical board. The study is expected to recruit the first participants in March next year at three selected district health clinics. Participants will be picked up during 16 weeks of recruitment and then followed for 12 continuous months.

Remarkably, thanks to the huge efforts from Bach Mai hospital, VCAPS got the final approval from the Vietnam Ministry of Health. We expect to start this study soon the first quarter of next year.

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