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Phase 2 planning workshop

On June 19th, 2018, the planning workshop for the next phase of V-CAPS study was successfully held at Lilac Meeting Room, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel. Titled "Evaluating the effectiveness of enhanced COPD, asthma management and smoking cessation interventions within the local health system", the workshop marked a milestone in the whole V-CAPS study project.

The workshop was divided into 2 main sessions representing for COPD/asthma component and smoking cessation component and was led by Prof. Guy Marks and Assoc. Prof. Greg Fox respectively. The workshop aimed to disseminate preliminary findings of V-CAPS baseline studies and more importantly, to discuss about the design of the main V-CAPS randomised controlled trial (RCT) as well as to agree upon the next step to implement Phase 3 of V-CAPS study. Participants included experts from Bach Mai Hospital and National Lung Hospital, as well as from organisations who work in smoking control such as VINACOSH and HealthBridge Canada. Prof. Ngo Quy Chau, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Viet Nhung and Assoc. Prof. Le Thi Tuyet Lan who were committed to V-CAPS from the first stage also attended the workshop.

V-CAPS baseline studies started their data collection period from October 2017 and by the time of the workshop, V-CAPS 1 and V-CAPS 2 had completed data collection for baseline in 3 out of 4 provinces. The preliminary findings from these component studies had interested participants and would serve as a foundation for the design of the main RCT of V-CAPS.

During session on COPD/asthma management, Prof. Guy Marks proposed the design for the next phase of V-CAPS . The COPD/asthma component interested experts in respiratory medicine by proposing new algorithm for COPD/asthma management. The algorithm was expected to be applicable for district health facilities in order to reduce burden for higher level. The discussion on such algorithm, which was led by Prof. Guy Marks, was open and productive with lots of comments and recommendations from respiratory professionals from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

On the other hand, smoking cessation component wowed participants with findings from V-CAPS 2 sub-studies which focused on smoking situation in both patients and health workers. All participants agreed on proposed interventions for smoking cessation component and showed their enthusiasm through comments on the development of the intervention.

The next phase of V-CAPS expects to implement in 2018 and will play an important role in the main RCT. V-CAPS 3 will only be conducted in Hanoi.

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