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Health system strengthening workshop

On 31st Oct, 2017, VCAPS successfully organized a workshop on "Health system strengthening and implementation science on managing chronic lung diseases and smoking control" at Hanoi Medical University. The workshop was led by Assoc. Prof. Joel Negin, Head of School of Public Health, University of Sydney; Prof. Stephen Jan, Senior Lecturer of University of New South Wales, Prof. Guy Marks and Assoc. Prof. Greg Fox from Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Dr. Becky Freeman, international expert on smoking cessation from University of Sydney. Assoc. Prof. Joel Negin and Prof. Stephen Jan have led a very productive session on health system strengthening and health economics for COPD/asthma program in Vietnam. Assoc. Prof. Greg Fox and Prof. Guy Marks gained a lot of inputs on smoking control program in these sessions.

In the workshop, participants all agree on the needs to decentralize the service on COPD/asthma in Vietnam. On the other hands, Prof. Ngo Quy Chau, Vice Director of Bach Mai Hospital also raised difficulties in the process to discuss for solutions.

Prof. Le Thi Tuyet Lan from Ho Chi Minh City Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society, who is very committed to VCAPS study from the beginning showed a lot of interest in health economics section. She emphasized that this is one key aspect of health program, but in the past it is often missed. It is great the VCAPS include in our program and measure the cost effectiveness of interventions. She stated "We can only reach sustainability when cost effectiveness is seriously put into the agenda of the program''.

The workshop also provided a lot of new and useful information on COPD and asthma system in Vietnam, from the presentation of Assoc. Prof. Vu Van Giap (Bach Mai Hospital), Assoc. Prof. Vu Van Thanh (Can Tho General Hospital). It was complemented by 2 systematic presentations of Assoc. Prof. Joel Negin on health system and Prof. Stephen Jan on health economy.

Assoc. Prof. Greg Fox introduced details of VCAPS 2 to participants. Along with VCAPS 1, the study will help answers many questions and issues raised in this workshop.

The workshop was well attended by more than 60 experts from medical universities, Bach Mai Hospital, WHO and respiratory associations all around Vietnam.

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