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The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting

On 28th Jun 2017, at Respiratory Center - Bach Mai Hospital, the Steering Committee Meeting of V-CAPS was attended by representatives from Bach Mai Hospital, National Lung Hospital, Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam Steering Committee on Smoking and Health (VINACOSH) and The Woolcock Institute. The workshop was chaired by Prof. Ngo Quy Chau, Deputy Director of Bach Mai Hospital and Professor Guy Marks from the University of Sydney.

At the workshop, Assoc. Prof. Greg Fox – the principal investigator has updated the study’s progress from March to June 2017. During the first three months of the project, chief investigators have developed protocols for 2 baseline studies which was designed to describe current context. The baseline studies are expected to provide key information for the design of randomized controlled trial in phase 2. In additions, the plans and themes for systematic review studies have also been developed and will be conducted in parallel with the baseline studies. The leading experts from Bach Mai Hospital, National Lung Hospital and VINACOSH have contributed ideas to further refine the research protocol.

The meeting also discussed the mechanism to strengthen coordination among partners in the next period in order to finalize application and get MOH approval for V-CAPS implementation. Partners continued strongly committed to participate in getting MOH approval for V-CAPS.

One critical topic of the meeting was PACK strategy presented by Prof. Guy Marks. PACK strategy aims to develop a model of primary health care for not only COPD/asthma but also for other diseases. This approach is very potential in Vietnam with many advantages. In the upcoming time, Prof. Guy Marks and Assoc. Prof. Greg Fox will have further discussion with Vietnamese partners about the feasibility of PACK application in Vietnam, and in the second phase of V-CAPS project specifically.

The meeting has been successful in developing a list of activities to be implemented in the next period to bring the project into operation soon. The next meeting is expected to be integrated in the Workshop on Health System Strengthening, with the participation of Prof. Joel Negin, Prof. Stephen Jan and Prof. Becky Freeman from the University of Sydney. The V-CAPS project will work with VINACOSH - Ministry of Health to organize this workshop.

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