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First Steering Committee meeting

On 27 April 2017, a teleconference among Steering Committee members was organized with the participation of members from Sydney University (Prof. Guy Marks and Dr. Greg Fox), Vietnamese partners (National Lung hospital, Bach Mai Hospital and VINACOSH) and staff from Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Vietnam. This meeting marked a milestone in the study plan, as Dr. Freg Fox presented first sub studies of V-CAPS to be implemented in phase 1. Also, human resources plan for phase 1 has been informed to all members, especially the plan to have 2 post-doc positions has already in process.

In 2017, there will be 2 baseline surveys. The first study is to characterize respiratory symptoms and smoking behaviour within Vietnamese health care system. The second study is to assess health care worker smoking behaviour and smoking practices within health facilities. Chief investigators also developed plans to have relevant systematic review on selected topics. Dr. Greg Fox shared that a quick policy review on smoke-free hospitals has been implemented and will be analyzed further in the future.

The meeting also discussed about seed grants for sub studies within V-CAPS. Dr. Greg Fox emphasized that this is a chance for other people who cared about COPD/asthma and smoking cessation to contribute in this study. Also, in the field of capacity building, other chances for PhD and master positions will be considered in the future. V-CAPS team expected to get further discussions with partners to have suitable candidates for these opportunities.

In the meeting, other Vietnamese partners committed to strongly support V-CAPS. The next meeting is planned to take place at Bach Mai Hospital in June.

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